Seal Lions and more From Sea World


Hello. In my last post I featured photos of the dolphins and whales I saw on my recent trip to Sea World in Orlando, FL. Today I would like to share with you a few photos of the Sea Lions as well as a few other things. I loved watching these sea lions! They really seem to enjoy basking in the sun and seemed very happy. You can feed them fish so they get really excited of course when that happens.

This one appeared to be having a bad dream!

This one however is completely at peace and is my favorite image of the day I think. It makes me smile and just radiates calm, peaceful energy!

Now for something completely different! These jellyfish were in an aquarium area-the lights gradually came off and on. I found them mesmerizing to watch and loved the purple light. Was really excited to be able to capture this image!

In another area you can look up and see the sting rays swimming around-they look much different from this angle than when you are looking down on them! It was pretty dark in this room so I had to crank the ISO on my camera up all the way to 6400 in order to get a decent result.

Finally I thought I would share this image of the Christmas tree at the front of the park-beautiful! The park did a wonderful job with the Christmas decorations, they really added to my enjoyment of the park on this day! I also visited Busch Gardens here in Tampa over the weekend and will be sharing some more fun animal photos from there soon as well as the best photos from a family portrait shoot I did recently.



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