Dolphins and Whales at Sea World

Hello Everyone! Today I have some really fun photos of Dolphins and Whales to share with you that I captured during my visit to Sea World in Orlando, FL a few days ago. My friends and I stood for close to an hour I think watching the dolphins in the ‘Dolphin Nursery’ area swim, jump and pop their heads up out of the water. Of course you never really knew when or where they would pop up or jump so I took many, many photos to get the great ones I am sharing with you here. I had never had this experience before and I really enjoyed it. These dolphins seemed to be so happy and full of life!

While we were there we witnessed a blood sample being taken from one of the dolphins-it was perfectly still while this was going on and after it was over the reward was a handful of fish! She then swam away happy as ever!

We then went and watched a show with dolphins and whales that was a lot of fun-I was amazed how high they can jump out of the water and was super excited to capture this image!

These last 2 photos are of Pilot whales, I do not think I had ever seen them before!

I managed to perfectly time and frame this one with the arch in the background! Once again, during this show I had no idea when or where the dolphins and whales would jump up. During this show though I generally had my camera planted in the area where the light was best so I knew any time anything happened there the odds were better I would get some quality images. For my fellow photographers I shot almost all of these photos at 1/1000 of a second and tried to keep around f/8 so I would have most of the animal in focus. Also I shot in bursts and in Al Servo mode. I put the ISO as high as it needed to be in order to get the other settings I wanted which was anywhere from 500 to 1000. As for lenses the dolphins in the first part of this post were shot with my Canon 24-105mm lens and during the show I used my 70-300mm from the stands.

This last shot is just amazing-he/she doesn’t even look real! Look at those teeth-this whale looks like it is right out of a story book!

I will be doing another post with some photos of the adorable seals as well as some of the Christmas decorations they had around the park-it was very beautiful but felt a bit strange to be seeing them and listening to Christmas music when it was 83 degrees out!



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