Happy Halloween!

I attended a great Halloween party over the weekend-I was able to set up a mini photo studio in the garage at the home it was held at and captured some really fun Halloween Portraits! These first two are of my friend Tanya and I love how they turned out! Most of the portraits you will see in this post were done using 2 Canon Speedlights-one 580 and one 430. In this case I put a red gel on the 430 which was aimed at the back black drop. The 580 was in what I call my ‘umbrella softbox’ the light bounces off the silver inside and then through the white material covering it.

This is Yuko. While this first shot was taken with the same set up these next too were taken outside in the backyard with just the 580 in the umbrella. The 5×7′ backdrop I was using was too small for me to get all of her wings in the shot. I used some fairy photo shop brushes to add some fun to the image below 🙂

This is Andrea

Gypsies seemed to be a popular costume choice below-the post before this one features photos of a model dressed as one, check it out if you have not yet seen it! Finally here are two photos of Wendy who is a big animal lover and came dressed as a cat.

I had a great time taking and editing these images, I hope you enjoy them! Happy Halloween!


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