Gypsy Woman

I have some really fun photos to share with you today! Last Sunday I went to a meet up with my Strobist Photography group in St. Petersburg and we got to photograph models in Halloween costumes. I was fortunate to be paired up with the beautiful Ninell who as you can see was dressed as a gypsy. Getting photos that fit the mood seemed to be a bit of a challenge at first as it was the middle of the day but we made it work! We ended up both shooting in a shady area and the bottom floor of a parking garage. Add the right settings/lighting and some photo shop magic and we were able create some fantastic images. I was drawn to the background in this first image because of the 2 different ‘layers’ of tropical leaves. They made a great back drop!

In the parking garage I had the idea to have Ninell put her fingers to her lips as if she was telling the viewer to be quiet. I think this is the first time I have ever asked my subject to do this but it just seemed to go with being a gypsy and the spooky lighting I was looking for. I am really happy with these two resulting images. I really like the square crop of the first one as well.

For this second one I went with sepia and selective color which I do not use too often but I really like it here, the fuchsia from the scarf and the brown tones from the Sepia work well together and Halloween is a good excuse to go crazy with the effects! This last image was not really very exciting right out of the camera but I really liked her pose and was determined to see what I could do with it. The background was bright and you could see more plants and yes the outside of the parking garage-it was taken at the very start of the shoot when we were trying to find a good location. I found that by combining several filters from the Nik Color Efex Pro Photo Shop Plug in I could in fact turn this photo in to something very mysterious and fun!

All four of these photos were shot with just one light-a Canon 580 Flash hand-held off camera with a Gary Fong Light Sphere attached. I have found this to be a very useful flash modifier-especially when taking photos inside or at night-it really gives you a nice smooth even light.
I will be taking a lot more Halloween Portraits this weekend and hope to have a lot more fun creative images to share here!


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