Bok Tower Gardens-Tampa Nature Photography

Last Friday I drove 90 minutes from Tampa to Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. I try to get there once in the fall and once in the spring as it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. When I was last there in April the scent of Orange Blossoms from the orange groves surrounding the property was intoxicating. No such amazing scents this time but it was beautiful none the less. This visit it was these giant pink and green lily pads that caught my attention the most. I saw them when I was there last fall but think I captured better images of them this visit.

I was in awe of the beauty of these things! When I first saw them I could not even believe they were natural, they are enormous and just so vibrant and beautiful!

This was the only flower I saw among them, I think that the pad in front of this one is still in the process of growing/expanding-so amazing!

I took this shot because I loved the shadows from the tree above falling on lily pad.

I really wish there had been some frogs hanging out on them but I had to look elsewhere to find them. Near the historic home on the property is a pond surrounded by a semi-circular brick wall and there are always some hanging out there. One time I went and they were perched on the moss-covered rocks-this time they were hanging out in the water with just their heads popping out for the most part.

The Tower at the Gardens has this very unique sundial on the front of it-I don’t even think I noticed the snake the first time I went and I never took this type of shot at it before.

Loved this beautiful wall covered in ivy!

This is a truly beautiful place to visit, to be honest there is not much else to see in Lake Wales but it is really worth the trip from either Tampa or Orlando. They have a really nice little cafe and gift shop there as well. I will leave you with an image of the tower taken on an earlier visit. My next posts will be featuring some Halloween themed portraits and should be a lot of fun!


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