Welcome to the world Baby RJ!

The main reason for my recent trip to California was to meet R.J., the son of my oldest friend. He turned 2 months old while I was there. He is only the second baby that I have photographed and he seemed to actually like having his picture taken, the flash did not bother him at all! For me the most important aspect of taking portraits is capturing the personality of the subject. Perfect lighting and fancy props/backgrounds mean nothing if you cannot capture the spirit of the subject. To be honest I did not even realize that I would be able to capture what I look for in little babies. But just look at this first photo-this image is actually the front of a card I designed to be sent out to R.J.’s family and friends. His expression here makes him seem as though he has been with us much longer than two months!

Capturing moments like these give me a lot of joy-they pass so quickly that without photos to remember them by they might be easily forgotten. This is true no matter the age of my subject but especially so with babies as they do not remain so little for very long.

Just look at those eyes!

I love the way the ear from the stuffed toy is covering his mouth here-a cuteness overload for sure! I look forward to seeing how R. J. has grown each time I visit and documenting it with my camera! 🙂


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