The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California

A few days ago I visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. It opened in 1997 and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Getty has two museums in the area. I visited equally beautiful Getty Villa a few years ago. The views from the Getty Center are breathtaking-you take a tram up from the parking lot and when you arrive you are surrounded by beautiful architecture, gardens and views of Los Angeles.

When I stand and gaze on views like this I always wonder if I can really capture the experience with the photos I take. It was a beautiful day in the 70’s and though a little cloudy when we first arrived soon a beautiful blue sky emerged.  California has a different energy than anyplace else I have been, that is something I do not think I can describe it is something that must be experienced.

There are a few restaurants at the Getty but be aware that they close at 2:30-this was the only disappointment of the visit as my friend and I had hoped to have a late lunch at 3 and found our only option was a coffee cart which did at least have sandwiches.

Our time was a bit limited so I did not look inside but for me it is all about the photos and experiencing the beauty of the property anyway. I hope to go back in the future for a longer visit. Not only are the buildings amazing to view but there are also gardens filled with a variety of stunning flowers!

I could spend an entire day just in the gardens!

I especially love these ‘flower trees’ at least that is my name for them!

My next post will feature images from another beautiful place, the Virginia Robinson Estate and Gardens in Beverly Hills. If you would like to see a nice collage of these photos plus some additional images from the Getty please visit the gallery I have created on my Google+profile here If you have not joined Google+ yet you should do so and circle me! I am more active there then anyplace else. I will do a post in the future explaining why.


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