Cute Animals from Busch Gardens Part 1-Tampa Nature Photography

I have been wanting to visit Tampa’s Busch Gardens again for a while but the heat and humidity has been brutal here the last few months so I have stayed away. It still reached 90 degrees today but the air was nice and it was really an enjoyable day. So glad that I went-I so enjoy watching animals and there are plenty to see at Busch Gardens. I especially love the lions and the area where they have the giraffes. I could probably sit there all day! The first time I walked by the lions they seemed to be hiding but I went back before I left and found the male relaxing within range of my lens. What a fascinating animal he is, so beautiful and regal. This is one of several shots I took that I really liked. I will do a few posts with my favorite shots of the day.

A lot of people go this park for the rides, I only go to take photos of the animals. I was really excited to come upon this giraffe and to be close enough to capture this image. I had no idea their tongues were this long or this color! It was a great deal of fun to watch him/her eat!

There are meerkats right by the giraffes also! They are so much fun to watch! It was kind of dark in their area but I still managed to get this photo which I like a lot.

I am not sure what kind of bird this is but it is so cute! I though even when I was taking this one that it would probably look best as a black and white or sepia image.

Finally these two turtles appear to be great friends. They live in the water with some alligators and they seem to get along very well! I will be posting a few more images from this trip in the next few days. Hope you like them!


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