Tiny Frogs!-Tampa Nature Photography

This morning when I took a walk around the lake where I live I took my 100mm Macro lens with me. Whenever I have it I tend to look more carefully at the plants I see in search of an interesting bug I might be able to capture close up. In a small section of ankle-deep marshy water while watching dragonflies what did I see but tiniest frogs I had ever seen hanging out!! At first i tried to stay dry and capture them hand-held with my zoom lens but i just couldn’t get what I wanted so I rolled up my jeans and stepped into the water. I ended up going back to get my tripod in order to get the best images I could capture and I am glad I did! Also by some miracle I did not get bitten by any bugs at all while doing so!

These little guys were maybe 2 centimeters long at the most and as a bonus were nice enough to not hop away-the let me take as many pics as I wanted and get pretty close! What fascinating little creatures. I have to wonder how many times I may have passed them by without knowing it!

It really is amazing what is out there in nature that we often do not see despite it being right in front of us! This last photo is my favorite I think. This little guy moved around more the other one who did not budge at all. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to photograph these amazing little creatures!


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