The Bird and the Moth

There is nothing better then being in the right place at the right time with my camera! Every time I go out, especially when shooting nature this is the kind of moment I hope to capture. Yesterday I was walking up the Pier in St. Petersburg when I saw this bird fly up under one of the little shelters there with something big and pink in its mouth. When he landed I could see what I thought was a butterfly but have since been told is a large moth. I felt sorry for the moth-I never knew birds even went after them-but was amazed to not only be seeing this but to have my camera with the correct lens in hand to capture a few images.

It wasn’t too bright there so I quickly upped my ISO and shutter speed and shot away. I had a dark bird on a white background but got some decent exposures I knew I could perfect in Lightroom/Photo Shop. I loved the colors of this moth-I have never seen one like it before.

This last photo is my favorite. I am so glad I was able to act fast enough to capture it and that the bird actually stayed in one place for a minute or so. Check out how long the ‘fingernails’ are on this bird also!  There are so many fascinating things in nature. I love living in Florida where there are so many different kinds of wildlife around. You never know what you might see!  🙂


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