Disney’s Boardwalk

When you think of Disney World the first think to come to mind is Cinderella’s Castle or maybe the great big silver sphere at Epcot. But there is much more to Walt Disney World. I was fortunate to vacation there many times growing up in Maryland. Now I live just 1 hr 15 minutes away and I have family a mere 30 minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth. It really is astounding just how much there is to Walt Disney world. There are a lot of resort hotels on the property, some many of you may not even know about. Yesterday I went over to the Boardwalk Inn which is located next to Epcot. A beautiful lake divides it from 2 other hotels, the Yacht Club Resort and the Beach Club Resort. It is still brutally hot here in Florida and I was there around noon so it was not really the best time to take photos! Still I have a few that will show you how beautiful the area is.

The Boardwalk in front of the Boardwalk in has a lot more life to it at night. There are games to play and treats to buy from carts along it. Sometimes it amazes me just how different some places are at night compared to during the day.

There are a variety of boats that you can rent and take out on the lake. There is also one you can board to simply cross from one side to the other. The Yacht Club resort has an amazing pool area. Check out this pirate ship-you slide down the ‘tube’ on the left to get to the water-so cool!

Here is a photo of another nearby resort Disney’s Swan and Dolphin

The windmill is another cool part of the pool area at the Yacht club resort.

Finally this I believe is part of the Beach Club resort. Beautiful! These hotels are immaculate and so beautiful inside also! The attention to detail Disney gives to everything never ceases to amaze me! Hope you have enjoyed a peek into this beautiful resort area.


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