Portrait Shoot: Frances-Tampa Portrait Photography

Earlier this week I had a fun photo session with Frances in downtown Tampa. We started out inside and eventually wandered outside to the area around the building where she and her husband Jeff live and ended up after sunset along Bayshore Blvd during the ‘blue hour’. These are some of my favorite images from the shoot, many of which are in black and white or sepia as Frances and I both are big fans of these looks. There is simply something timeless and classy about these kinds of photos.

I process them most often with the Nik Silver Efex Photoshop plug-in which gives you endless variations you can play with. I really can’t tell you how I pick which photos to edit in color versus black and white/sepia. Some just look better that way to me. Of course when it comes to the ones I keep color my style is make that color pop!

This is Frances with her adorable little dog Bella. I am told Bella is usually quite camera-shy but she seemed to like me and not mind me taking a few shots of her :). I guess she can tell I am a big dog lover 🙂

The vast majority of my portraits are shot outdoors so it was a little more of a challenge for me to work inside but I am always excited to experiment and learn new things. I started out using my Saberstrip light modifier (link on the right hand side of this blog) but then actually ended up using my flash on camera with a Gary Fong Lightsphere attached to it. I love the even soft light it puts out inside or also when used outside at night.

This photo was taken in the lobby of the building. It was inspired in part by a photo of Marilyn Monroe I especially love and with the treatment I gave it I feel I succeeded in getting what I was looking for-it is a photo that just makes me happy 🙂

Outside I decided to use this amazing door behind which is a restaurant that was closed on this particular day. I love doors like this! It combined with the hat and dress Frances wore give this image such a fun vintage feel! I also took some photos of her with her husband Jeff here, my favorite of which is the one below.

Finally we made our way out to the water. The sky was a beautiful color! I had never photographed anyone along here before but I will surely be doing so again in the future!

I hope you have enjoyed these photos! Hope to post some photos from another portrait shoot I did recently in the next few days.


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