Photo of the day: Rainbow over St. Petersburg

Hello! Well I was in the right place at the right time on Saturday, enabling me to capture a photo of this rainbow (actually a double rainbow but one was very faint) from the Pier in St. Petersburg FL. I was scheduled to have dinner with some friends and was fearful I might not make it for a while due to some very heavy storms which hovered over Tampa for a few hours. Fortunately they let up enough for me to make the drive to St. Pete. The drive itself was very interesting. Driving on 275 the sky to the right of me was clear and very bright with the sun going down. The sky on the left however was black and pretty scary looking! Exiting the skyline of the city was brightly illuminated by the sun with that scary black sky behind it. Then as I approached the Pier I saw this rainbow!
I only had one lens which was not wide enough to capture its entire span but it was so beautiful! I am so glad that I had my camera with me! Here is one more shot from a different perspective. Happy Monday everyone!


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