Sunset in Tarpon Springs

Last night I went to Sunset Beach Park in Tarpon Springs, Fl where they were having some live music. I arrived about 30 minutes to sunset and am sharing the beautiful sunset with you here today! Three sides of the park are surrounded by water, it is small but very beautiful.

This is a silo of one of the musicians, I did bump up the background color here I will admit but I love the feel of it. I am inspired to do a silo only shoot at the beach in the future!

The color here is pretty true to life and what it looked like when I first arrived. I feel so fortunate to now live close to beaches where I can witness such beautiful sunsets!

The thing with sunsets here is you never really know what you are going to get ahead of time. Some are more interesting and beautiful then others. On this night though I was pretty happy, check out this sky!

A little after the sun went down I was still able to get a nice shot with different colors.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and have a great weekend. I have two portraits shoots coming up and will be sharing the results next week!


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