Natural Light Portraits-Tampa Portrait Photography

This weekend the strobist photography group I belong to here in Tampa held a meetup that was very different for us. Usually the aim of the group is to work on our skills using off camera flashes in creative ways. For this session however were were only allowed to use the natural light and reflectors. I really enjoyed it as it took me back to the days before I had my professional flash and especially before I got it off of the camera! You can get some beautiful portraits using a reflector. This first photo may be my favorite. I believe the silver side of mine was used here. I like to use the gold side on subjects who have pale skin but it can make anyone with darker skin look too orange. In this photo of Rosa, the reflector even created some interesting catch lights.

Here my model was resting her elbow on a railing next to a lake. I chose to go sepia with this one and added the ‘glamour glow’ filter from Nik Color Efex3. I love how soft and beautiful she looks!

I have to admit I have really gotten used to always using my Canon 580 flash both on and off camera whenever I shoot portraits so I was really happy to see that I do not always need to use it. It is fun to try different things during photo shoots anyway so I think at the least I will try pulling out the reflector more than I have recently!
Here are two fun motion shots of another model, Jennifer. That is another thing I like about not using flash, I am free to shoot as many photos as I like in a row in burst mode to create fun photos like these!

I love the positive energy and joy that radiates from this last image! Despite the hot and humid weather here in Florida these models had a great attitude and I had a great time!


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