International Dragon Boat Races-Tampa Florida

Yesterday I drove to downtown Tampa to check out the first day of the IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships. There are running through this Sunday in the morning and early afternoon. The best places to observe the action are from the Convention Center area and across the bridge near Jacksons restaurant. I really enjoyed wandering around and seeing these teams from all over the world, felt almost like I was at the Olympics. My only complaint of course was the heat and humidity which is at its peak here so I was not able to hang out as long as I would have liked! Here are some of the sites I saw.

To find out more about this event go to

I also enjoyed photographing some of the spectators!

The one good thing weather-wise was there were a fair amount of clouds so the sun was not beating down on me too hard but the sky was not the most ideal for photos. Still I got a few shots of the downtown area I quite like.

I also like to shoot the details. My favorite thing about the boats are the drums placed at the end of them.

To learn more about this event go to


One thought on “International Dragon Boat Races-Tampa Florida

  1. Love your photos! I was part of the Australian team (in the green and gold), any chance you might have any more photos of the Aussie teams in action?

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