Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens-Winter Park Florida

Today I am featuring some photos I took on my visit to the Albin Polasek Museum and Gardens in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. Albin Polasek lived from 1879-1965 and was born in the Czech Republic, later immigrating to the U.S at age 22. He became a famous sculptor and ultimately retired to Winter Park in 1950 where he had the home shown in this first photo built. The property features his works in a museum and in the gardens overlooking a picturesque lake. It is a beautiful place to visit!

The harp sculpture/fountain is located in front of the house. Mr. Polasek was very religious and the round flat sculptures of the stations of the cross are embedded in a hedge, one example is seen above. I really like the way this was done.

I love love love going to gardens! Even at this most brutal time of the year here in Florida there were some beautiful flowers blooming. The black-eyed susan above appears to have a double middle!

The two photos above give you a real feel for how beautiful it is here. It is just $5 to visit and that includes a short movie about Mr. Polesek and a tour of the house. It is located just a few minutes from downtown Winter Park near Orlando which is a wonderful place to visit also.

I will finish this post with this photo of a crucifix sculpture in the garden. To learn more about the Albin Polasek Museum visit it’s website:


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