Photo of the Day:Peaceful Orangutan-Tampa Nature Photography

I really love photographing Orangutans. Every time I visit Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa I come back with a few amazing photos of them. Maybe sometime I will do a full post on them. Most of the photos are of them being goofy. There are always a few young ones they’re jumping about, the male likes to sleep with a t-shirt over his head etc. This photo however projects a totally different feel. One of peaceful contemplation.  Just as this animal is contemplating the plant it invites the viewer to really look at the animal. I find myself fascinated by her fingers and feet.  This peaceful moment ended pretty quickly when she accidentally dropped that plant and covered her mouth with her hand in shock. Oh and something I have learned when going to the zoo or animal park. If you really want some great shots you are best to plant yourself where the animal you most like is and stay there until you get what you want. I always used to feel like I had to see everything during a visit and got few true ‘keepers’ It is worth it to pick no more than 2-3 per visit and wait for a moment like this to happen!                                                   Specs for this shot: Canon 70-300mm lens at 235mm 1/200 second f/5.6 ISO 400.



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