Lake Eola Park-Orlando Florida

Hello! I recently went to the Orlando area for a few days and went in search of some places in the area I had never been before. Of course Orlando is mainly known for its theme parks. I have been to Disney many times. Have not yet made it to the Harry Potter theme park though I hope to this fall. Right now the heat and humidity is so intense that I felt I should find some smaller places to explore. I have not really spent any time downtown at all so when I found out about Lake Eola park it looked like a perfect choice. I arrived a little after 9am and the heat was already pretty intense. The lake is a nice size and it is beautiful. Two of the streets surrounding the park are made of bricks and there are some cute houses and a Panera occupying an older building-first one I have seen like that. The other side of the lake has the city skyscrapers as a backdrop. There is a small amphitheater, a snack stand and a few restaurants bordering the park. Oh and there are also tons of swans, geese, ducks, and birds!

This one reminds me of the character in Charlotte’s Web.  Very proud looking.  Here is a close up of his feet.

I find them fascinating for some reason!

I really enjoyed the contrast of the modern city and the beautiful nature and wildlife on display here!

There are even some swan shaped boats you can take out on the lake though no one was using them at this time. I really want to return here a few hours before sunset when the weather is better to see how the light falls and be there when there is a little more going on.

Here is a photo of the amphitheater-you can tell by the color I am in Florida!

Parts of the park also have an Asian theme.

Around 11am shortly before I left, music suddenly started to play through speakers planted throughout the park which was a really nice touch-wish they would have started it earlier! I wonder if they ever time this music to the water jumping from this beautiful fountain?

I will leave you with this black and white of the swans in the foreground, the city in the background. I would like to have spent more time trying to perfect this shot but I was a few minutes away from melting at this point! Still I really enjoyed discovering this park and look forward to returning. Lake Eola park is located at 101 North Rosalind Avenue Orlando, FL. My next post will feature some photos taken at a small museum and sculpture garden I discovered in the Winter Park area of Orlando.


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