Photo of the Day: Race Horse

I took today’s photo at the Tampa Bay Downs racetrack this past December. It is a great place to take photos as you can get pretty close to the actual track and capture shots like this as the horses race by. Racing is is held here December to May. I love capturing action shots like this! When I go to the track I find the place I want to shoot, set my camera to high speed continuous shooting, AI Servo mode (so it continues to focus as I shoot), auto focus and set whatever ISO I need to use to shoot at 1/1000 of a second. The f/stop I experiment with a little. I find that for the most part I actually prefer to be at around f/8 as I want all of the horse to be in focus but there is no strict rule. As the horses approach sometimes I will pick one to follow and pan the camera as it runs by. Other times if I really like the background where I am standing I will simply plant myself there and shoot all of the horses as they pass that spot. There is a new race every 15-20 minutes so you get plenty of chances to experiment! Specs for this shot: Canon 70-300mm lens at 105mm, f 7.1 1/1000 of a second at ISO 500.


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