Photo of the day: King of the Jungle-or Gardens in this Case!

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s photo is a previously unpublished one from my last visit to Busch Gardens in March. I got very lucky that day as I approached the area where the lions live just when they were being fed a snack. Lions sleep a lot so I had ever seen them so awake and alert before. I was able to capture a few images that are some of my all time favorite wildlife photos so far! This one didn’t make my initial post but I thought it was worth a look.  In fact I find myself wanting to stare into the eyes of these noble creatures for a long time.  This lion looks so very intelligent to me-he almost looks as if he could start talking any minute like Aslan in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!  My original post is here: and is very much worth a look. I captured a few actions shots of the lions trying to catch the bits of meat tossed to them. I look forward to visiting them again once the weather cools down just a bit!  Specs for this shot: Canon 7d,  1/250sec  f/5.6, Canon 70-300 lens at 190mm ISO 640. Later I will be posting some photos I took at Clear Water Beach last night. Enjoy!


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