Clearwater Beach, FL -Tampa Photography

Last night I drove to Clearwater Beach about 2 hours before sunset. I drove north of the most popular place to park-the Pier 60 area. In fact I drove as far north as I could and found a really nice neighborhood I would really like to explore sometime-however there were no parking signs everywhere so I will go back and do that on a day that is a bit cooler. It is very hot and humid here in the Tampa area as it is in most of the U.S. So much so that I have not wanted to go out much at all. Walking along the beach I put my feet in the water and it felt like I was stepping into a hot tub!

Still it was very beautiful. I wandered an unfamiliar area on foot that was pretty quite compared to what was going on just a few blocks south of me. I found a library I did not know existed overlooking an inlet of water and surrounded by beautiful flowering shrubs. That is also where I took the image of the blue bench above.

I decided to drive to the more touristy area to watch the sunset and was surprised how busy it was on such a hot Sunday night. I say this having come to this area on many much nicer days throughout the year and not seeing nearly so many people around.  This post is filled with a lot of peaceful photos, I will return another time and capture more of the interesting people and festivities that go on here each evening. There is a sunset festival with performers and artists, and a lot of colorful characters.

This photo just did not do anything for me in color but in black and white I found it much more interesting!

The sunset was especially beautiful on this night. Here you see the silhouette of a ‘pirate’ ship which does sunset cruises here every night. I now really want to go on one of these cruises!

I am pleased with the way the photo on the left above turned out with the rays shooting through the lifeguard stand-I did not notice the cool flare when I looked at it on the back of the camera and it was a pleasant surprise to find when viewing it in Lightroom!

I will leave you with another shot of the ‘pirate’ ship as it crossed in front of the setting sun. A truly beautiful sight to behold, I feel so fortunate to live in this area where I am able to see so much beauty-even if I do feel like I am melting while doing so!


One thought on “Clearwater Beach, FL -Tampa Photography

  1. Great photos, esp. that second to last set. I just moved from Tampa to New Orleans. I didn’t get out to Clearwater for pictures as much as I should have.

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