Strobist Shoot at Curtis Hixon Park-Tampa Portrait Photography

Yesterday I had a great time participating in a day of photography with my Strobist Photography group at Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Park. We were divided into teams of 3 and given a model to photograph wherever we liked in the area. Our team really lucked in getting to photograph the very handsome and classy De’mone! I think it would be difficult to take a bad photo of him. We had a great time despite the heat and humidity-I honestly felt I was going to melt by the time we were finished! However we lucked out with a beautiful sky filled with beautiful white clouds which often shielded us from the direct heat of the sun. In the end we each submitted our favorite shot of the day for a contest. The above photo was mine and it came in 3rd out of 21 photos! My team though came in first as one of the other members photos came in first place. Congratulations Minh and thank you Andrea for all your help in capturing some great images! Here I am actually posting my favorite 6 photos from the day.
As soon as I saw the ledge De’mone is standing on in the above photo I knew it could be used to capture something great. We first had him sit on it but it just wasn’t working from where I was sitting. He stood up and I walked away looking at him through my 70-300mm and suddenly I saw something I knew would turn out great! We were perched above Kennedy Blvd on the left.

This image was a mistake at first, the background was totally blown out but I saw something in it in black and white I really like how it turned out-I think it looks like I intentionally shot this against a white background.

Another image taken on the ledge, the flash was hand-held on a light stand to illuminate De’mone’s face.

To capture this image I was standing at the very top of the white concrete Amphitheater they have at the park looking down on the checker board pattern on the ground. I have been wanting to use this pattern in a photo since the first time I saw it and am happy with the results.

Towards the end of the shoot De’mone changed into this amazing turquoise shirt and we had him pose by a mosaic on the front of the Children’s museum. Seemed like a great opportunity to really make this shirt pop out by making the rest of the photo black and white.

Finally a fun jumping shot-one of the last ones I took as you can see a storm was on the way. Curtis Hixon Park is truly one of my most favorite places to photograph people, there seems to be a never-ending amount of opportunities there to make great portraits!


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