Anna Maria Island

This morning I had the urge to drive to Anna Maria Island, a beautiful place a little over an hour from my home in Tampa. I have lived in this area for almost 3 years and still am not used to the fact that I live so close to such stunning beaches. I had been a few times but never driven over to the pier pictured above. The water here is an amazing turquoise color. At the end of the pier is a 2 story building with a restaurant.

You can see it in the bottom photo of the above collage. As you can see I had an amazing sky to photograph today but it was also VERY hot. I am planning to go back soon in the late afternoon until sunset to capture some images with that amazing light but I still got some images I liked this time.

Anna Maria Island is pretty small. There is a larger fishing Pier that is the center of attention on the island along with a few restaurants and shops across the street. Fishing is of course very popular. The last time I visited in the winter fishermen were standing on the pier with nets peering into the shallow clear water beneath. All they had to do was wait for a large school of fish to swim by and they threw in their nets for a very successful catch!

I think this photo is my favorite of the day. I loved watching this colorful sail boat sailing across the blue water, just stunning!

Holmes Beach is located a little south of Anna Maria and was very busy on this day. It is pictured in the photo with the umbrellas and the double decker life guard stand. The park near the main pier of Anna Maria was more peaceful.

Anna Maria Island is filled with many charming homes and cottages you can buy or rent. There are also many beautiful colorful flowering trees and bushes but I will have to return another time to cover more of the Island when I am not in danger of melting!


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