The Visitors Part 2-Tampa Nature Photography

Well my visitors are still here. They have now been hanging out at the Lake in my community for several days so hopefully they have decided to make it their new home. I still wonder where they were before and how they decided to come here. The first several photos here were taken in the evening so the light was especially nice on them. I have gone out about 4 times now and really enjoy watching them.

It is now my challenge to get more unique images of them. I really like the one above of one of them cleaning herself. The ripples in the water and grass in the foreground help add to this photo I think.

And how cool is this one? They have a pretty wide wingspan and I love catching movement like this. I have yet to see any of them fly at all though I am sure that is how they got here. I see the mallards flying back and forth a lot-Marvin however never does.

I just can’t get over how cute they are! And also the fact that they let me get within 2-3 feet of them which makes getting quality images much easier. Still it is a challenge getting all 3 of them looking good in the same shot but I manage to make it happen. I really like this next one a lot:

A sleepy one. At one point they all fell asleep while floating on the water, one with the tip of her bill in the water, I don’t notice the other ones doing that too much.

Here is a black and white/sepia one, the lighting was pretty nice on this shot.

Finally I will end with another ‘action’ shot.

So beautiful!


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