‘The Visitors Part 1’ Tampa Nature Photography

Hello everyone. So it seems there are some visitors or possibly new residents at the lake in the community where I live. Yesterday I went for my usual morning walk and was surprised and excited to see 3 beautiful white ducks hanging out! I of course ran and grabbed my camera and was pleased to find that they are not at all shy and will let me get within 3 feet or so of them! There is one that has a poofy hair-do like Marvin, the resident duck I have featured here many times. If that is a male then this is a male and two females. Unlike Marvin who has some grey and brown on him as well as white these ducks are a beautiful perfect white all over except for their orange bills and blue eyes. I have to laugh at my title ‘The Visitors’ and this first photo because they are mysterious and remind me of a science fiction movie about aliens visiting earth!

These 3 stick very closely to one another, it is difficult to get too many shots of any one of them alone because of this. I have already notice they seem different then the other ducks here. They frequently wander away from the lake to the walking path that surrounds it and seem to like to eat the ferns that grow here-I have never seen the mallards here do this. I really feel like they are communicating with one another and find them fascinating to watch. I wonder where they lived before and how long they will stay. They were still there last night and this morning as well which is why there will be another post about them I have gone out now a total of 3 times to photograph them.

In this image the 3rd duck had her head under the water in the middle. I just thought this was so cute with the other two touching bills it is obvious these 3 are very close.

A close up of the fancy one.

I made a few collages for this post as well. I love it when they turn their heads up like the one is doing in this one on the upper left. So cute!

Everything they do is pretty cute. I love the feet!

The last photo in this little collage I made black and white except for the bills. Now you will notice something strange here. For some reason the one duck’s bill is a really dull color orange while the ones on the other two are very vibrant. I did not notice this until I was editing photos and in one photo I thought it was because in that photo that duck was more in shadow. But no that is the way it really is. I am wondering why this is!

So far these 3 do not seem to be too friendly when it comes to the other ducks. I saw them chase some others a way a few times. I feel like they want to take over!

There were also some other birds there-these are Ibris I just learned via a Google search I always called them Egrets but those are different and they hang out here too sometimes. I am amazed by the blue eyes on this bird!

Finally in case you were wondering what my old friend Marvin the Martian duck was up to while I was photographing my new friends he was chilling out on the side of the lake ignoring them as you can see.

That is it for today I hope you enjoyed these photos! I will be doing some 4th of July Street photography later today and will have those up in the next few days along with some more duck photos.
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Stephanie Hayes is a Tampa area Portrait/Event/Nature Photographer


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