Portrait Shoot-Nathaila

Hello Everyone from a very humid Tampa, Fl. Today I am featuring photos of Nathalia, I featured photos of her dog Cam in my last post. For her portraits we drove to the Winter Park area of Orlando and happened upon the grounds of Rollins College. There was a beautiful area with a lake view, a gazebo and some beautiful trees so we chose that spot for most of the photo shoot.

On this particular evening the sky was pretty overcast-so I had even light that was not at all harsh but I did not have a pretty sky to use as a backdrop. I did have a breeze that was just right-great for capturing some movement in Nathalia’s hair as long as we could figure out the best place to stand. I love this shot, the gazebo in the background the lake, her smile and the blowing hair. I feel like she even chose the perfect outfit to match the mood of this area it is amazing when things just happen to come together in this way! For the first 3×4 of the shoot I used my Saberstrip to light her and it did not budge in the wind at all.

I really love the square crop above, it makes it look more windy than it really was and is just magical-my favorite word :). The other one was taken when I asked her to move around-it is just fun and I love that I captured the rays of the sun in the background here.

I tend to shoot the vast majority of my portraits vertically, but here is a horizontal shot I like a lot, love the delicate branches of this tree.

We took some photos over at the gazebo, this sepia one is my favorite. I love gazebos!

This photo just makes me smile.

We were beginning to lose light fast so moved to a different area where Nathalia pulled her hair back for a different look. Very classy.

I had a wonderful time photographing Nathalia and her dog Cam! It was also fun to discover this area of Winter Park I did not know existed!


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