Running and Wagging with Cam the Yellow Lab

I love dogs. They make me happy in a way few things (or people) do. They are always happy to see you and they love you no matter what. So of course I love photographing them and was excited to be hired to shoot this incredibly fun, friendly, and super energetic dog named Cam in Orlando, FL.

Cam is only 1 year old and seems very much still in puppy mode despite his size! He seemed to burst with joy and energy! I took these photos behind his owner, Nathalia’s apartment where there was a small lake and a cool wooden bridge which made for excellent backdrops. Cam is not one to sit still much so I got to practice some action shots which was fine with me!

This one is extra fun-I took multiple shots back to back of Cam shaken after taking a bit of a walk in the lake and then combined two of them into this one shot.

I stood on the outside of the bridge in the hoped of getting Cam to look at me-not much luck with that but I still got this shot that I find unique and fun.

A rare moment of tranquility.

Caught mid-wag. He looks like he is smiling here!

One of the square-crops I love doing. I think the ball, leash and bag of treats in the background add a lot to this shot. Fun, fun fun!

I am ending with my favorite shot of this session, one of Cam with Nathalia. I was laying on my stomach when I took it which added a lot to the composition. What a precious moment! If you look closely you will see the tip of Cam’s tongue is sticking out, so cute! This is the kind of photo that I hope will be treasured forever and the kind I hope to take a lot more of. Dogs can be a challenge to photography but they are my favorite kind of challenge! I also photographed Cam’s owner Natalia that day and will be featuring some of my favorite photos from her session in my next post. She is beautiful and it will be hard to choose which ones to share as I got quite a few that I like a lot!


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