Sunflowers and Farm Animals-Sweetfields Farm

While looking for something to do this weekend via the St Pete Times Things to Do in Tampa Bay page- I discovered the existence of Sweetfields Farm- in Hernando County FL, about 45 minutes from Tampa.  When I saw that they were having an event that involved a 5 acre maze of Sunflowers, hayrides, pick your own vegetables and farm animals you can pet, I knew I would have to check it out and I am glad I did, such a beautiful and fun place! There were goats, chickens, a cow and a miniature pig as well as an awesome tree house for kids to play in. The animals here are living a pretty good life check out where the goats live.

How cool is that? I love their second floor grassy balcony!

Now for some of my beloved Sunflowers! I warn you it was bright out and these are some pretty bright and colorful photos! I love photographing sunflowers the are so sunny and happy looking and it is fun to see them in different stages of growth.

This is one that had not opened yet-pretty cool looking I think!

Sunflowers are especially pretty when there is a beautiful blue sky behind them.

I am also fascinated by the center of the flowers, which eventually produce the seeds, amazing patterns!

I bought a few to bring home with me that I am going to use for some macro photography, will share some of those photos in a future post. Now are you ready for some cuteness! My heart was melted on this day but this cute little mini-pig!

She was very friendly and wagged her little tail like a puppy dog! She came running up to the fence any time a new person approached, wanting to be patted on the nose. She shared her pen with cow who really didn’t pay her much attention but here is a photo of the two of them together:

While I was wandering the sunflower fields they gave the pig a watermelon to eat! She seemed to really like it this was what was left when I got back.

I think that may be my favorite photo of the day. I believe this was the last weekend they were having the sunflower maze. They have other events in the fall, I will be sure to go back to check out their Pumpkin Patch in October!


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