Boyd Hill nature Park

Hello, today I have a few photos to share with you I took at Boyd Hill Nature Park in St. Petersburg, FL, on the few parks in the area I had not visited yet. There are some wonderful nature trails there, an island, and an aviary. This first photo depicts my favorite area of the park. A bridge over water covered by lily pads and beautiful purple flowers. I could probably just spend hours taking in the flowers, the view the various birds flying about, the dragonflies and as you will see soon a baby alligator!

This dragonfly was above me and was kind enough to pose for quite a while. I love the background here and especially the wings, so delicate and beautiful!

No idea what kind of bug this is, he is pretty freaky looking. I love happening upon things like this!

I love water lilies and lily pads! Just something magical about them-I can imagine fairies flitting among them :). I wish there had been a frog sitting on one of them but instead what was living among them was this cool little alligator, seeing him was the highlight of my trip!

He would rest with his head next to a lily pad then drift along awhile before coming to a rest again. Here I captured a moment of him in motion.

I love that the red underside of the plant by his head helps draw your attention to that area of the photograph! He was pretty long and glided through the water, looking more like a snake than an alligator while doing so.

I end this post with what may be my favorite photo of the day-of this hawk. The reason I like it so much is that it has some emotion to it, something I really don’t see too much of in photos of birds. Here though he/she looks contemplative, and perhaps a bit sad.
I was at this part right in mid afternoon, and would like to return another time later in the afternoon/early evening when the light is softer. Tomorrow I am going to a farm north of Tampa where there is a 5 acre Sunflower maze! I think I love them even more than Water Lilies and I hope to capture some beautiful images of them to share with you in my next post!


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