The Survivor

A few weeks ago I posted some photos of a group of baby ducks that were living on the lake here where I live. There were originally 7, now this little guy/girl (not sure which) is the only one that has survived up to this point. I really hope it continues to. Although a lot bigger its wings are still really tiny. The other day I spotted it with the parents sitting by the lake but today I went down and the poor little thing seems to have been abandoned. I really wanted to scoop it up and bring it home!

We are talking serious cute here!

I love this one where he is itching himself! (I will call it a he for now). He makes the cutest peeping noise and he cruises across the water, has apparently not yet learned to quack!

Really like this one too as it is more unique. These photos were taken over the last few days. Today I spotted him sleeping all by himself by the water :(. He let me get pretty close and I found it very peaceful to watch but was sad that the other ducks on the lake seem to be ignoring him. They can be just as bad as people it seems.

Look at that foot! Before I go here is one more photo, this one of a squirrel, they are everywhere here and are difficult to capture good or more so unique photos of but this one really made me the laugh, the way it was looking at me and standing!


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