Concert Photography

Hello! I was a bit under the weather last week so took a bit of a break from the blog and shooting. Today I have some photos I took at the Taste of Pinellas event in St. Pete of country singer Josh Turner and one of my most favorite performers, Mr Chris Isaak! I have not taken all that many concert photos yet, but am of course interested in doing more. You are challenged by not being able to use flash and the fact that, especially indoors the lights they use are constantly changing and everyone is always moving. I was luck that I had some great natural light during most of these performances, but I got a few fun night shots as well.

Chris is so fun to watch perform as he always wears amazing and fun suits like this one. He is also very funny and his music is romantic, sad at times, fun at others. He will soon be releasing an album of covers and played some of them for us including Ring of Fire and an amazing version of “It’s now or Never’ I was standing there wishing that more people knew just how incredibly talented he truly is!

Here are a few I took after it got dark. Chris usually comes out for the last part of his shows in a ‘mirror suit’ which I love and I imagine must be very heavy!

Earlier in the day I took some photos of country singer Josh Turner. He sings the song ‘Your Man’ that American Idol winner Scottie McCreery likes to sing that starts out “Baby Lock them doors…”

Hope you have enjoyed these! Will probably have a post with some fresh photos of some really cute animals for you tomorrow!


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