Hello everyone! Today I am featuring some photos I took of the beautiful Limor right in my own neighborhood here in Tampa. My community has a beautiful lake with a nature trail surrounding it and many great backgrounds for portrait photography. I love the variety of tropical plants, trees, and vines here and Florida and around the lake here! Heart shaped leaves, vines with lace like tiny leaves there is a magical feel to it all. One of my favorite books growing up was ‘The Secret Garden’ and I also loved a lesser known book called ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. I am often reminded of these stories when I wander this area.

I chose this beautiful little leafy alcove to start the shoot. I was excited to practice with my new Saber Strip light modifier on this shoot. My Canon 580 flash goes into the bottom of this long tube-shaped tool and a very nice even amount of light is emitted from the length of it. To check this item out go to the website here:   For these photos the strip was placed camera left and somewhat in front of Limor.

What a great smile! Next we moved closer to the lake with a spectacular background.

I took this image with my 17-50mm lens, I am liking using this wide angle lens for shots with a really strong backdrop like this. I thought this one looked especially nice cropped square. I think this one and the one below may be my overall favorites from this shoot


I am breaking the ‘rule of thirds’ with this image. Normally placing your subject in the center like this is not recommended but I really think it works here. I used the ‘Glamour Glow’ filter from Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 3 on the background which gave it a more dreamy effect. I love the way she pops out from this background and the beautiful even light the Saber Strip lit her with


We had a wardrobe change and headed to another area on the trail. With Limor sitting down, the Saber Strip was hand held horizontally above and in front of her.

I really love the way the colors of her outfit ended up going with the old canoes in the background! That was nothing but good luck!

I rarely have a hard time finding photos from a shoot I want to turn black and white but for some reason, I didn’t feel like most of the photos were suited for it-I eventually tried it with this one and am pretty pleased with the result.

I will end this post with this pretty head shot. I was switching between my 70-300 and 24-105mm lenses for these shots by the boats. Thank you Limor, you are a lot of fun to work with! This weekend I will be doing some concert photography at the Taste of Pinellas event in St.Pete. and will be sharing those photos with you next week!


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