North Shore Park St. Petersburg shoot Part 2-Steven

Hello, today I am featuring a few more photos I took in St. Pete over the weekend, this time my model’s name was Steven. He is a very happy and fun guy so I suggested getting some photos of him jumping on a mini trampoline I brought along with me and he was all for it! I love capturing motion, catching split seconds that the naked eye don’t really register, having people jump or twirl around is a great way to get some unique images. The big beautiful sky also made for a wonderful backdrop!

Steven looked a little angry in the first two shots, here you see more of his real personality. Love getting these kinds of images they are so much fun! This last image though is my favorite from the series.

I love the movement in his shirt, his expression, the sky-everything. To me it is kind of like he is floating which gives it a magical quality and that is always a good thing!


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