North Shore Park St. Petersburg Shoot part one-PJ

Over the weekend I participated in a shoot at North Shore Park in St Petersburg which is an amazingly beautiful place. It is just north of the popular downtown area along the water. I have often thought it would be a great place for a photo shoot and I was right! I got to work with two models and will feature each in a separate post. First I had the good fortune to photography PJ with his guitar. PJ is a fantastic photographer in his own right as well as a musician and photo journalist. You can check out his work at

The great thing about this area is the water is only a few inches deep a long way out-here we were wandering in a wet sandy area and the views were just amazing. The sun was setting behind us illuminating the beach and the clouds were just beautiful. Most of these shots were taken using natural light plus some fill light with my new Saber Strip light modifier utilizing my Canon 580 Flash.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite but this one may well be it! I have been wanting to experiment a bit more with taking some portraits with a wide-angle lens, the view here provided me with the perfect opportunity! So many things to look at in this image-PJ looks great, the surface of the water, the clouds, the Pier in the distance and the textures in the wet sand really love it!

Here I had the Saber Strip camera right and I love the quality of light on his face here. Also sometimes my favorite shots are when the subject is looking off in another direction as it causes you to wonder who or what they were looking at in that moment.

Here are two of the square ‘album cover’ crops I love doing. I especially like this sepia tinted one-it could have been taken here in Florida or California just love the laughter and the background here and the feel the treatment gives it.

I will finish up with this shot which I just think is fun. Often shooting ‘up’ at the subject doesn’t work out but I like the effect here and how PJ is looking right into the lens. My next post will feature the other model I photographed, Steven I had great time capturing him in midair jumping on the trampoline I brought along.
If you are interested in hiring me for a photo shoot send me an email at


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