Happy Mothers Day!

I had not intended to post anything today but when I went out for a walk by the lake where I live this morning I was excited to see that FINALLY some baby ducks had arrived! They are usually here by the 3 week of April. It is quite the challenge trying to get good photos of these guys, often they are either in horrible light, won’t let you get that close and are constantly moving. Also they really tend to stick together or hide in between the grass at the edge of the lake. They are so cute to watch though!

I did manage to get one off a few inches from the others. I will be going out every day trying to get something amazing. It was my luck day today though because then I spotted this cute little turtle in the grass! There are a ton of turtles in the lake but I rarely see them up on land.
I picked him up and moved him to a different area-of course he didn’t like that too much.
Soon after taking this photo he crawled away and hid under some leaves. I will end this post with a photo of a young squirrel I also spotted. It was a wonderful morning here in Tampa and I had a great time observing all of these little animal babies!
Yesterday I photographed some amazing white stallions, will be sharing the photos from that adventure tomorrow or Tuesday!


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