Saint Augustine Part 4: Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

I was not sure what to expect going to this attraction. Was it going to be super cheesy and touristy? Well it is a little but I still think it is worth the visit and what I did not expect was that there would be peacocks all over the place there! Here is a little blurb about it from the official site

The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is a 15 acre waterfront, Historical Site where St. Augustine, Florida began in 1565.

This is the location where Spanish Explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles, in 1565, established the first and oldest continuous European Settlement in the United States of America.

A wonderful time awaits you at the Fountain of Youth. Visitors can:

See the stars in our Planetarium,
Visit our Native Timucua Village,
Watch a Cannon firing,
Marvel at Spanish Exploration on our two-story high Discovery Globe,
Learn about the Birthplace of European America,
Stroll through a waterfront park where peacocks strut and shady oaks beckon you to stay,
Visit the snack bar, picnic under the oaks,
You can even drink from the legendary waters and see if your visit grants you the secret to eternal youth.

The fountain or spring is located inside the building in the first picture and isn’t much to look at. The water-tastes and smells rather like a hard-boiled egg which is not too yummy but if it makes me eternally youthful I can handle that. It is actually a rather pleasant place to visit and is on the water. I was lucky to be there when one peacock was strutting his stuff though the female standing in front of him seemed less than impressed


There were also some white peacocks there which are also beautiful.

Walking towards the water you spot this monument to Ponce De Leon

I happened to be there in time to see a cannon firing demonstration. Very loud and smoky and the man who did it said he was only using a fraction of the amount of gun powder they would have used when these were actually in use.

I will be doing one more post on Saint Augustine featuring some night photography and any other photos I have not yet featured that I think you might like to see. Again it is a great place to visit!


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