I am breaking up my Saint Augustine posts again with a post featuring some portraits I took the other night in Ybor City with a photography group I belong to. We get together to practice on some models, this group specializes in using off camera flash (strobist) photography. I had the good fortune to shoot Brad and despite this being a clumsy night for me-I seemed to keep dropping everything I came back with a handful of images I really like. My favorite being this first shot. I asked him for a half smile with a little bit of evil to it and he really came through! Just one of those images that screamed black and white to me and it is really one of my favorite shots in a while! I also like this one a lot:

This was taken using my hand held off camera. I have to admit I made the sky in the distance a more interesting orange than it actually was. I am loving night photography!

This shot was taken a little earlier. There are so many great places to shoot in Ybor, a lot of places in the Tampa area period. You can go to the beach or go to a historic urban area, I love having so many options! Brick walls always make great backgrounds. Finally here is another photo taken in the alley with the Power Snoot. I love his smile and also the little green plants growing out of the bricks the light is splashing on.

Thank you Brad for being such a terrific model!


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