Saint Augustine Part 3: Flagler College

Today I am sharing some photos of Flagler college in Saint Augustine, a truly stunning place. Specifically I toured the building that was once the Ponce De Leon Hotel From Wikipedia:
The Ponce de León Hotel was an exclusive hotel in St. Augustine, Florida, built by millionaire developer and Standard Oil co-founder Henry M. Flagler and completed in 1887. The Hotel Ponce de Leon was designed in the Spanish Renaissance style by the New York architects John Carrere and Thomas Hastings, and was constructed entirely of poured concrete. The hotel also was wired for electricity at the onset, with the power being supplied by D.C. generators supplied by Flagler’s friend Thomas Edison. The building and grounds of the hotel are today a part of Flagler College.

The detail put into it was simply amazing. I was in awe as I walked the grounds and was taken on a tour of some of the rooms. I can’t even imagine this being the place you go to college!

Taking a few steps in beyond what was once the lobby I looked up and saw this:

Wow! It always amazes me how ornate and detailed old buildings are when they had so little ‘technology’ versus the relatively boring new buildings of today. I could spend a lot time slowing wandering around places like this imagining all of the people who worked on bringing them into being.

These windows can be found in the school ‘cafeteria’ yeah the cafeteria.

Here is a portrait of Henry Flagler, a very interesting character who had a great deal to do with what we see in Saint Augustine today.

Seashells are part of the detail along with the tile on the outside of the building.

Entrance to the college. Finally I am ending with the image below which I probably could have just included in my last Saint Augustine post, it was taken just a few blocks from the college. I love old cars and I love this town where you never know what you will see around the next corner. My next post will feature some night photography from my trip.


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