Portrait Shoot-Gina

Hello everyone! Today I am taking a break from my Saint Augustine posts (yes I think I will do 3 more!) and share my favorite images from the portrait shoot I did the evening before I went there. This is Gina and I photographed her at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa. I really don’t think I have yet scratched the surface of this location it has different levels, the river in on direction, skyscrapers in another and museums in another plus palm trees and fountains! I really like the lead off black and white image-I think it is classic and classy. Obviously Gina is beautiful and her smile is especially nice in this photo-I also love the silver buck like piece on the dress-sometimes little things really add a lot.

She started off with this turquoise dress-love that color with her dark hair. It was still pretty sunny when we started out and it was difficult at first to find the kind of softer light I was looking for. It is amazing the changes in light quality that happen over the last few hours before dark.

Here you can see the light is much warmer prior to sunset and you can see a little of the river in the background.

I love the flowers in the background here and the fact that just enough wind was blowing to move her hair a bit. I believe I was using my flash on camera at this point-the light was very soft and even in this area. We (my friend/assistant for the shoot Javier and I) soon moved to using a soft box usually to the left of Gina and it worked really well.

This is Gina’s favorite image, I like it because it is simply fun. Even though there are some interesting things going on in the background your immediately focus on how happy and beautiful she looks her before exploring what else is in the photo. I like the combination of nature and city elements in it as well.

We have a different look here with her hair pulled away from her face, I really like it a lot. I am really interested in doing more night portrait photography as it is essentially like you are in a huge darkened photo studio and you really see what your light modifiers are doing for you.

This was taken after dark with the soft box, I almost always crop a few photos square from all of my sessions and wish I could have the option to see the frame as a square in camera as I think they are a lot of fun.

Another think I love about Curtis Hixon is that the sun shines in the direction of the skyscrapers on the way down and you get the sunset behind the college and river across the way. Here you still see this amazing orange color in the background. There is a lot that can be done at this park! I hope to further explore and improve my use of it in the future. I hope you have enjoyed these photos of the beautiful Gina! I believe my next post will feature photos taken at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, an amazing place to see!


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