Saint Augustine Part 2: The Streets of Saint Augustine

Hello Everyone! Today I am featuring some more photos I took on my recent trip to Saint Augustine. These particular ones are of random things I saw exploring the streets of the city that caught my eye. I still have future posts on Flagler College, The Fountain of Youth, Night Photography and a Cathedral I photographed there so yes I did take a lot of photos! This first photo is of the menu in my favorite stop on my trip-a Popsicle Shop called the Hyppo. Now I want to make my own gourmet popsicles they were so good. On this visit I had the Pina Colada flavored one which was amazing.

This is a very unique coffee shop-just across from the water and pretty close to the Fort I featured in my last post.

I love the photo of this cat! He/she was very kind and posed for me for a few minutes. Saint Augustine can be described as charming, historic, and beautiful. I loved roaming the streets and looking at the old homes and the spring flowers and new plants covering them. Here are some photos of areas which caught my eye. The one area I miss having moved to Tampa from Maryland is Annapolis and Saint Augustine has a similar feel to it though it seems bigger to me.

I am not really sure what this was but if you look on the upper left of it you will see one of Florida’s many lizards.

Loved this old peg sticking out of the wall, so fun spotting things like this!

Love this gate to a garden, would love to have something like this one day!

These are the old city gates.

Me and my shadow.

This was taken of the ceiling inside the visitor’s center.

I will finish this post with this awesome dog photo. Love the building, love the dog! I may have to get a large canvas wrap made of this one eventually. I hope this gives you some idea of how nice it is in Saint Augustine. I will take a break from this theme for my next post which will feature photos from one of my most recent portrait shoots.


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