Saint Augustine Part One-Castillo San Marcos

Last week I traveled to Saint Augustine, Florida for the first time with a friend to see what this  old city is like. Well it is beautiful and full of friendly people and many things to see and do. I took enough photos to fill at least 4 Blog Posts!  This first post is about the first big attraction we visited there, Castillo San Marcos.  Below is a brief description of the Fort from Wikipedia:

The Castillo de San Marcos site is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. It is located in the city of St. AugustineFlorida. Construction was begun in 1672 by the Spanish when Florida was a Spanish territory. During the twenty year period of British possession from 1763 until 1784, the fort was renamed Fort St. Mark , and after Florida became a U.S. territory in 1821 the fort was again renamed Fort Marion, in honor of revolutionary war hero Francis Marion. In 1942 the original name, Castillo de San Marcos, was restored by Congress. The fort was also subject to a paranormal investigation by the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures in 2009.

We arrived at the perfect time of day to photograph the area, late afternoon on a beautiful day with an amazing blue sky as a backdrop. This fort is absolutely breathtaking to experience. You can go to the top for an amazing view of the water and historic Saint Augustine.  I LOVE visiting new places, especially ones with a lot of history and had not realized until recently just how old Saint Augustine is.  In fact it was founded WAY back in 1565!

How beautiful is this?  As I toured the fort and the area around it I could not help thinking of all that had transpired there and how amazed the soldiers of the past would be to see it now a tourist attraction. Truly a ‘if these walls could talk’ kind of feeling!

How would you like to sleep here? The ‘mattresses’ were stuffed with moss. It was warm but pleasant the day I visited, I can’t even imagine hanging out in there during the warmest months here in Florida!

Just something about the light coming in through this window I really liked.

I also really loved the light falling on these flags. There is a gift shop and many large rooms within the fort you can wander around in.

Now for a few photos taken on the second level of the Fort.

I really loved being here and could have stayed much longer but there was so much more to see on my brief trip and we ended up arriving her with just enough time to explore the fort and get some good photos before it was time for it to close-here are some more photos I especially like.

Managed to get the above shot with no tourists because it was closing time and my friend and I were the last to climb down from the second story.  I will finish this post with one of my favorite shots, made into what I like to call a virtual postcard-sometimes the simplest photos strike me the most. I hope these photos give you a good idea of what it is like to visit Castillo San Marcos and my future posts ultimately give you a good idea of what it is like in Saint Augustine, I have much more to come! Saint Augustine is a little under a 3.5 hour drive from Tampa and very much worth visiting!


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