Model Shoot-Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo Florida

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new Word Press Blog! I decided to switch over from Blogger as I have heard a lot of good things about it. I will probably be making more changes to it in the future,
but this is what I am going with for now. Yesterday I had the opportunity along with others in one of my photography groups to shoot some models in a truly beautiful location, the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. I really wish I did not live 45 minutes from there as I would love to photograph people there a lot more, so many great backgrounds to choose from! I did not get a lot of time with these models, and other photographers were shooting them at the same time as I was so it is pretty challenging to get the kind of photos I like to take but it is fun and I always learn something. Not to mention we were shooting earlier in the day and the sun was high in the sky-fortunately there were some clouds that drifted over it from time to time to help us out. Here are some photos I took that I am pretty happy with.

The first photo I like as I loved getting the gazebo in the wedding garden there in the shot. A diffuser was used to soften the bright sun and I had my flash on camera. The diffuser is what is causing the spotlight shadow on the ground. To be honest I do not remember what I did lighting wise with this second shot-I think it was still on my camera though it spent much of the day off camera. I also used some lighting set ups on a few that were provided for us.

This shot was taken with my Gary Fong Power Snoot which I am still learning to use, hand held. I was impressed with what it was able to do. I directs a concentrated beam of light at the subject and looks like it will be something I use more than I realized I would. This shot is also interesting because it looks like it was taken against a blank backdrop but really it was the wall in a rose garden area. It annoyed me being in the background along with the flowers but works well as a plain background as it goes with the colors in her dress.

This was another experiment with using the ground as a background like I did with the railroad tracks in Ybor a few weeks back. I feel like that shot was better. It is difficult to tack a shot standing directly above someone-you really have to get the angle just right and I didn’t have much time here still it is a fun photo. The one below here I cropped square which I always like doing. This one looks a bit like it should be an album cover.

I love to take action shots so we had fun asking this model to jump off of a bench, I think this one is a lot o fun.

I really enjoyed photographing this last model, named Galloway. I was able to get a wide range of shots with him. For the one above the Gary Fong Power Snoot was aimed from the left while i was fairly far away in front of him shooting with my 70-300 lens.

This one was actually natural light only as my assistant for the day was elsewhere with my light at the moment. We were supposed to be on a break at the time but Galloway spotted this cool little window and wanted to pose next to it.

For this one in the shade of a gazebo I attached a little lastolight reflector to my flash aimed straight up. I have not used it much but it seemed to work here I bounced it off of a gold mini reflector onto him, also this is just a great pose and place to take a photo!

I love by black and whites. Finally here is another fun photo of Galloway hanging form an arbor in the gardens.

I had a really good time taking photos and learning from other photographers there. Tonight I have a portrait shoot which will be shared later in the week. I am taking a short trip to Saint Agustine and will have much to share from there as well. I hope the upcoming week is a great one for all of you!


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