Postcards from St. Petersburg, FL

Greetings Everyone! Today I am sharing a few photos I took in St. Petersburg the other day. Hopefully for those of you that have never been to St. Pete will get an idea of how beautiful it is there although of course being there is the only real way to experience it! This first photo is a few of the famous Pier from a nearby park. Behind me is the cityscape.

Here is much closer view of the building at the end of the Pier that may not be around much longer, it is considered dated and the entire pier itself may be torn down and rebuilt shorter in the next few years. Of course there is much debate about this and what the new version will be like.  This building houses a few restaurants, tourist shops, and a small aquarium. There is also a beautiful view of the city from the top floor.

I love pelicans, and they can be found hanging out on the Pier all of the time. You can buy some food and feed them if you like.  They are pretty comfortable around people and you can easily walk right up and look them straight in the eye!

This sculpture sits in front the the St. Petersburg History Museum, I have always loved the scene here with this beautiful tree, especially when it is in bloom!

Here is another amazing tree outside of the Museum of Fine arts. I so love the variety of trees and plants here!

I will finish off this post with my favorite photo of the day. Here you see a beautiful palm tree, part of the Vinoy Hotel, and a Chihuly sculputure which sits in front of the Chihuly Museum, here is the link if you would like to learn more about that:  I will share more photos of St. Pete and other places I visit in future Postcards From… posts!


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