>Photo Shop World Orlando 2011-Westcott Shootout Contest


  The last two days I attended the Photo Shop World Expo in Orlando, FL. Photo related vendors of all kind display their products here and there are classes taught by some of the world’s best photographers. Westcott, who makes some of the very best lighting in the industry, featured models for attendees to us to photograph under some amazing constant lighting. There is a contest-the best photos taken at this event will be featured in a future catalog. These are the photos I am entering. These models were photographed by at least a few hundred photographers so I will be interested to see how mine measure up against some of theirs!
  I loved shooting models dressed up like this and processing these images was just as fun. The lighting truly was beautiful as you can see. This profile photo really jumped out of me even though her hair stops you from seeing her eye. Somehow that just makes the photo more mysterious. I love this girl’s profile. The first photo I processed in full color and in black and white with just the cape in color, both looked good but I decided to post the one with the black and white. 
  There was a backdrop here but I decided to black it out so that all the focus would be on the model. Very intense!
  I wanted this photo to have the look of an old color photo that had faded just a bit. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
  The models are in a constant process of slowly changing their poses so I kept waiting for just the right moment to get an image I would like. There were about 20-40 photographers standing around them at any given moment, most of the time I was able to make my way to the front. 
  This model had an amazing smile ant the ‘sky’ backdrop was amazing. She really looks like she is outside! She was posing behind a clothes line they had set up. I love the pin up look!
  Finally we have Rapunzel. This girl has absolutely beautiful eyes! These models sat for some pretty long periods of time, they did  a great job!
  I think this is my absolute favorite. I had already taken a ton of photos of this girl then moved on to wander the exhibitions. Just before I left I wandered by again and took just a few more shots, this one being the last. So funny how my last shot is often my favorite!  My thanks to Westcott for the opportunity to photograph these wonderful models!

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