>Welcome to our World…Ava Brielle!


“A Babe in the House is a Well-spring of pleasure, a Messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men”  Martin Fraquhur

  Ava Brielle was born on 2-22-11 to her parents, Laura and Charlie which makes her a very lucky baby as they are two of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met!  These photos were taken when she was 2 1/2 weeks old.

  Every photo shoot I do is a learning experience, this one even more so as it is the first time I have photographed a new born baby! I know my passion for photography will never wain as there is an endless amount to learn and I will never get to a point where I can no longer improve on my work. Every subject is a different sort of challenge, be it an adult, a pet, a child, a baby or even a flower.  

  Babies this small cannot yet sit up or express as much emotion as they will in the very near future. Part of my challenge was to capture some photos of Ava with her eyes wide open. The photo leading off this post is actually my favorite. I took many photos of her laying on the pink blanket in order to get this one where she one arm around her bear, one up to her ear like she is on a little cell phone, AND she has her eyes open looking in my direction.  I love the moment where I look at the back of the camera and see that YES I finally got the shot I was looking for!

These are also pretty cute.

  Certain photos seem destined for this sepia old photo look. I love this shot of her yawning with the flower headband being held on to her by her mom.

  Here she is being held up in the air by her father. Love those eyes!

  I call this my modern art shot. What I really like is the reflection in her eye-the trees and me I believe. Would be fun to do a shoot capturing the reflections in peoples eyes sometime!

  We had the idea to try putting her in an Easter basket. Lets just say this was easier said then done she was not happy about it so we did not try for long but this is still pretty cute!

  This is the family dog, Wiggles being held up next to Ava I am sure they will be great friends! Wiggles does not look too thrilled here though I must admit!
  This photo is one of my favorites, taken at the end of the shoot with Ava in her car seat. I do not do this selective color treatment very often but I think it works well here with the little bear’s bow tie matching Ava’s head band. It is also very cute that the bear appears to be waving 🙂

  Finally here is their family portrait! Wiggles was very cooperative looking towards the camera every time I said his name. Thank you Laura and Charlie for giving me the honor of photographing little Ava, I look forward to seeing her grow into an amazing little girl!


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