>Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot Center


  Yesterday I visited Disney’s Epcot center. I have been there many times but never during their International Flower and Garden Festival. I think from now on this will be THE time I will visit in years to come! I was amazed by the volume and beauty of the flowers and character shaped topiaries on display! I visited this time with my parents, we arrived around 4:30 and the weather was perfect. Epcot is so large and there was so much to see it was dark before we know it. I hope to get there again before the festival ends with my tripod so I can take my time and get some more great photos. Here are more of the character topiaries:
  So beautiful! And there are still more!
  It is hard to comprehend the amount of time and effort put into making these topiaries and gardens possible. As usual Disney has done a fabulous job. Beauty and wonder around every corner.
I LOVE the colors in the background here!
  The above photo was taken in the Canadian section of the park. I would love to live in a stone cottage like this!
  My favorite moment of the evening was finding a few ducks wandering in a large batch of geraniums.
  I can take photos of ducks anytime but not surrounded by flowers like this! It was getting darker at this point so I did not have ideal light on them but I still loved taking these shots. There is so much to see at Epcot, not only the flowers but it is of course an ideal place to people watch. With all the negativity in the media about the current state of the things here and world wide the park was packed, hard to imagine it being more so when things are booming! I love just wandering around observing all the sites and sounds it is always wonderful to be in a place where everyone seems so happy and you are surrounded by beauty! The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival runs through May 15th.

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