>Bark in the Park!


  Yesterday I attended the 24th Annual Bark in the Park to benefit the Humane Society here in Tampa. The event included a charity walk let by members of Rescue Ink, vendors, contests, and hundreds of dogs of all kinds!  I LOVE dogs so wandering Al Lopez Park seeing them all have so much fun was heaven for me! The fact that the Humane Society is even necessary saddens me so deeply.  The unconditional love provided by dogs is one of the best things in this world, so hard to comprehend what goes on in the minds of those who mistreat them!
  This was one of the puppies up for adoption. I wanted to take home 3 or 4!  The most touching moment of the day happened when I was photographing some of the fenced in puppies up for adoption. I was kneeling on the ground looking over the short fence when suddenly I felt a paw on my leg-I turned around and someones dog wanted me to pet him so sweet! Almost brought a tear to my eye. I wish I had a photo of that dog but it happened too fast. So sweet!!
  Dogs have different personalities, just like people. Many were alert and curious, very excited to be among so many friends. This guy however lacked any energy at all. Such long ears!!
  This Chow was recently adopted by my friend Tanya, his name is Fez. He had a great time and was very well behaved as were almost all of the dogs I saw. All of these different dogs got along better than similar groups of people!

  These dogs were having fun running hurdles in pursuit of tennis balls. So much fun!
  This is the longest tongue I have ever seen! This dog is 12 years old and is slobbers a lot. The owner told me it is a good thing she has tile floors she can easily mop up!
  Cute and oh so perky in his green scarf! I love when they seem to pose for me and look right into the camera!
  Finally I think this is my favorite shot of the day. How amazing is this husky puppy?  Look at those blue eyes! And no I did not enhance them they really were that blue!  
  I love photography dogs and am looking to photograph some with professional off-camera lighting with interesting backgrounds. Especially looking for medium-large dogs for this particular project who are well behaved and will sit still for at least a few seconds at a time 🙂 If you are interested please email me at stephaniellen11@gmail.com.  

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