>Dreary Day, Funny Photos


  Last Saturday I wanted to go to the zoo to take advantage of the promotional $5 admission for the day and get some more shots with the 70-300 L lens I had rented. It was a very cloudy and gloomy day and I almost didn’t go. In fact when I got there it was over crowded and soon to rain. I didn’t take too many photos at all. Cloudy and bright is great for photographers but cloudy and dark-not so good!  Yet I am glad I did go because I did end up with these entertaining shots of one of the orangutans! They are always fun to watch and usually I find myself trying to get good photos of the babies but on this day it was an adult putting on a show. I believe all of these photos are of the same animal but check out the many different looks and poses I was treated to!
  This resembles a lot of humans who spend too much time staring at the television lol!
  Ha ha! So glad I happened to be in the right position to capture this moment. I have never seen one make this particular face before.
  Enjoying some hay.
  Decided to try a black and white treatment with this one and it took it to a whole other level! I love that she appears to be looking right at me!
  Finally this may be my favorite as she is looking a little sassy and I love sassy! Great expression in the eyes!
I love photographing animals, you never really know what they are going to do and it is so much fun when they surprise you and you capture moments that would otherwise be forgotten!

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