>Treasure Island Kite Festival!


  Yesterday I met up with some friends at a kite festival on Treasure Island Beach.  It was a wonderful day in the upper 60s here in the Tampa Bay area and I had a wonderful time hanging out on the beach all day! So wonderful to be able to do so when it is not so crazy hot as it is much of the year here. The only bad part was that there was little to no wind, not the best conditions to fly a kite in!
  Even so we still saw some fun and beautiful kites!  Just a very peaceful and beautiful way to spend the day. So odd to me that in our current times many people would rather be sitting in front of a television playing video games all day!
  I really enjoyed watching this white kite. It looked almost like a ghost moving around up there! Just something very peaceful about it!
  This was my favorite kite of the day! Fish and sharks swimming through the sky! And with the sky blue like the water it just really was a cool effect.  And this was not all there was to this kite check out the bottom part that stayed on the ground!

  I never actually saw this parrot one go up in the air! 
  When it got a little later the light was so beautiful shining on everything including this banner. Ha love the little Marvin the Martian one in the background!
  These 3 were flying all about like birds, I believe all controlled by the same person. I managed to capture all of them at once in this shot. They were a lot of fun to watch.
  I am not ever sure what this pinwheel like thing is but I like the effect of freezing it as it spins, just a lot of fun.  I would love to see kite flying get more popular so that whenever I go to the beach can look forward to seeing a different batch of kites like these 🙂

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